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Day 3 - Cultural Kaleidoscope


Join us for a transformative experience on Day 3 of our conference, where we delve into the crucial issue of elder abuse through the rich tapestry of cultural and linguistic diversity.

EAAA and ARAS have partnered with the Multicultural Communities Council of SA (MCCSA) to lead an engaging and interactive workshop on 'Developing Cultural Intelligence.' MCCSA’s presenters will bring their extensive knowledge and lived experience to this topic.

This workshop isn't limited to any one culture; instead, it uses insightful case studies from Chinese, Indian, and Greek communities to equip you with the principles of cultural intelligence essential for interacting with Australians from various cultural backgrounds.

In this dynamic session, you'll:

  • Deepen your understanding of cultural intelligence with practical tools and strategies that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Boost your confidence and effectiveness in managing culturally diverse situations, especially in elder care and support settings
  • Enhance your intercultural communication skills, ensuring respectful and equitable interactions with elderly individuals, their families, and carers from diverse backgrounds
  • Engage in meaningful discussions about developing both personal and organisational cultural competence to better serve our ageing multicultural communities.

This is a unique opportunity to foster open, non-confrontational, and psychologically safe conversations about cultural diversity. Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive in our multicultural environment and make a real difference in the lives of older Australians from all backgrounds.

Don’t miss this chance to expand your cultural horizons and enhance your professional capabilities.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Workshop facilitator - George Gouzounis

George has developed a strong track record of engaging and collaborating with multicultural teams in Australia as well as in various countries in Europe and Asia. He has studied international relations, intercultural policies and management and holds a PGCert in Health Science from Western Sydney University.

George migrated from Greece to Indonesia a little over a decade ago, before settling in Australia where he works as a consultant in the ageing, disability and community services space. He is an experienced presenter and facilitator and has run events for 10 to 4,000 people.

Adelaide Convention Centre

Session Details

Date: Wednesday 24 July 2024

Time:  9.00pm - 12.30pm

Location: Riverland Rooms - Adelaide Convention Centre

Price: $100.00

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